Alumni Scholars Program

Dear Buckeye Alumni,

Did you know?

• High school students in the Tampa Bay area can apply for admission to The Ohio State University until February 1, 2022
• 30% of the students admitted to The Ohio State University are non-Ohio
• New freshmen on campus this fall – about 8,100
• 1st year retention 95%
• 4-year graduation rate 71%

The BEST go to The Ohio State University, BUT NOT ALWAYS!

• 65% of new freshmen were in the top 10% of their high school class
• 95% of new freshmen were in the top 25% of their high school class
• Demonstrated qualities of commitment, leadership, extra-curricular activities, and community service

• Competition of other outstanding colleges and universities
• Florida students have options such as Florida Prepaid and Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
• 2nd and 3rd generation Buckeye families are confronted with out-of-state tuition in excess of$45,000 per academic year

What can you do?

• Encourage high school seniors you know that may be interested in the Ohio State University to find out how great it is to be a Buckeye
• High school seniors may consider applying for admission to The Ohio State University even if it is not there first choice.
• Make sure that any high school senior you know is aware of how easy it is to find and apply for scholarships. The Ohio State University uses ScholarshipUniverse
( which simplifies the process of finding and applying for internal and external scholarships at The Ohio State University. This platform hosts all alumni club scholarships and is the only way that a student can be considered for The Suncoast Alumni Club Scholarship!

The Suncoast Alumni Club Scholarship fund has been established through the hard work of our club members, the generosity of our donors and the many Buckeye fans and alumni. Our club is proud to provide scholarships to students in the club area, accepted at Ohio State and are committed to attend. Please consider a donation:
Ohio State Suncoast (Tampa Bay) Alumni Club Scholarship Fund | Fund Number: 306120