Suncoast Alumni Club 2021 Survey

The Suncoast Alumni Club – Nearly all the respondents were pleased with the club. Some of the comments follow. “Love belonging to this club! Thanks for being here!” “A great organization that I am very proud to be a member of.” “All Good!” Several members hope to be more involved as we put COVID behind us. An interesting suggestion was “Maybe a game watch with an opposing big ten opponent.”

Community Service – There were many great suggestions for additional community service events. Some of the suggestions follow. Women’s groups, Children, Humane Shelters, Food Banks, American Cancer Society, American Legion, Tampa Boys and Girls Club, Plastic Free Foundation, Mental Health Awareness and Metropolitan Ministries. So many great suggestions. The club will continue to Pay Forward!

Events – COVID has made it so difficult to have events the last two years. The club is trying to expand the events for spring and summer 2022. Some of the suggestions follow. More sport events, basketball game watches, Rays, Lightning, golf, Christmas party, annual banquet, luncheons, picnic, speakers.

Membership – All comments on the Suncoast Club membership were supportive, including the membership levels, affordability, and pricing. Through club membership several commented on new friendships, hospitality and getting together with other Buckeyes. Many Champion members said they like that they can provide additional support to the scholarship. One response asked for more discounts – we will try! Another response asked for more communication. The club will make sure to regularly communicate with newsletters and social media.

Game Watch – Our game watch locations are very important to the club. We want every Buckeye to have a great experience at a game watch. The survey asked for a review of the game watch location regularly attended.

Quaker Steak & Lube – Quaker received excellent reviews. Food was rated good to very good, service good to excellent and all expressed having good time. Many favorable comments on Ed’s ability to create crowd enthusiasm. There were two requests to upgrade the TV’s. Some of the comments follow. “Awesome and will absolutely be back in 2022!!” “Awesome” “Excellent service and staff with delicious food.” “Everything was great, always had a good time” “Outstanding and yes we will be attending at Quaker Steak.” “Always a fun time, even on the rare occasion when the Buckeyes lose.” “Excellent service, food and drink. attendees are friendly. We are like family!!” “Wonderful venue with great food.”

The Brass Tap-Midtown – This was the first season at The Brass Tap. The Brass Tap received excellent reviews. Food and service were rated great. One response commented that Bobby and Bill were great hosts. One response addressed a temperature issue. Some of the comments follow. “Brass Tap is a good location” “It was all run well, for every category listed” “Food great! The manager and servers were amazing” “Great crowd at the Brass Tap especially for it being the first year. Plenty of TVs, good seating, tables have nice separation and the food is really good. Liked that they had Happy Hour prices for us and it was fun having so many beers on tap that we could sample if we wanted. Raffles were fun and Bobby and Billy were great hosts. I will definitely be going back to that location in 2022.” “Great service. Will return to Brass Tap.” “Service was great. Will be there next year.”

O’Brien’s Irish Pub – O’Brien’s has been a long-time host of Buckeye game watch. O’Brien’s received some good reviews for food and service. Some comments expressed game watch issues. Some members were dissatisfied with the band during Buckeye football games. Others commented they could not hear announcements or raffle drawings and not having an MC because a sound system was not available. The club will be meeting with O’Brien’s management during the next couple of weeks. O’Brien’s has expressed a strong desire to address all concerns of club membership and return the game watch location to the same great welcoming and high energy Buckeye game watch location we have enjoyed at O’Brien’s over ten years.

New Game Watch Locations

The Suncoast Alumni Club is always looking for game watch locations to better serve Buckeyes in unserved parts of the three-county area. Over 20 new locations and specific sports bars/restaurants were suggested in the survey. We will again be looking to add additional locations that can provide the GREAT game watch that the Suncoast Alumni Club has always provided. Please continue to provide your input