The Suncoast Alumni Club Scholarship fund has been established through the hard work of our club members, the generosity of our donors and the many Buckeye fans and alumni. Our club is proud to provide scholarships to students in the club area, accepted at Ohio State and are committed to attend. Students from the club area may be awarded scholarship money based on the following criteria:

Preferably be admitted to the University.
Record of participation in school, community, extracurricular activities, and academic merit.

Quality of answers to several essay questions.
And possibly, a personal interview with our local Scholarship Committee.

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2021-22 Scholarship Winners

For the 2020-2021 academic year, our scholarship recipients are Andrew Connor, Hailey MacNealy, Danielle Gorddard, Bethany Schneider, Sarah Munger, Alex Zhong, and Asa Fitzpatrick.

Sarah Munger is currently a sophomore majoring in biology with an academic interest in pre-medicine. Sarah is currently living on campus combining virtual learning with one on-campus class. She is also involved in an on-campus research program. Sarah says the past year with the pandemic and virtual learning has been a different experience. She will remain in Columbus this summer continuing the research position. Sarah is a member of a sorority. Although she is still focused on pre-medicine, she now is thinking of an MBA before pursuing medicine.

Alex Zhong is majoring in finance and is currently looking to graduate in Spring 2022 – completing her undergraduate in three years. COVID-19 made things weird. Alex returned to China in March 2020 and started studying virtually. It fouled up her plans and disrupted her regular schedule. There is a huge time difference. Sometimes she has classes at 5 a.m. and sometimes she has classes at 2 a.m. She is basically living in China with American time. Alex plans to take one business core class this summer and has a three-month internship at a securities firm.

Danielle Gorddard is currently a junior majoring in psychology with an academic interest in pre-medicine. Danielle is currently living on campus combining virtual learning with one on-campus class. She will apply for medical school, hopefully in Florida, after her graduation in Spring 2022. When the pandemic started last spring, Danielle returned home to Palm Harbor where she worked at St. Marks Village (an assisted living facility in Palm Harbor) assisting in the care of the residential units. She also was a COVID screener taking temperatures. She commented on how fulfilling that made her feel to help during the pandemic.

Bethany Schneider is currently a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering. Bethany is currently living on campus combining virtual learning with one on-campus class. She finds it challenging as she is currently without a roommate and looks forward to the fall and a return to “normal.” She will remain on campus over the summer and has an internship at Battelle. Bethany had the opportunity to attend the national championship game in Miami with her father.

Asa FitzPatrick is a remarkable young man. Easily one of the most confident, impressive phone interviews I have ever done. Extremely strong leadership skills. He is a first-year student from Tampa Bay. He is from Lutz, FL. He was homeschooled which allowed him to do what he likes to do which is travel with some local Tampa Bay clubs emphasizing leadership talks to high school students. He is living on campus and his first-year GPA is currently 4.0. He is majoring in finance with a minor degree in social psychology. He is loving his Ohio State experience and plans on staying there through the summer and taking additional classes. He said the students he interacts with on campus are just burned out with all the virtual learning. But he sees as they do that they are near an end. He feels 40% of the students are either signed up or have already received a vaccine.

Hailey MacNealy is a delightful young lady in her third year of a psychology major. She is getting a minor in disability studies as well. She lives off campus with two roommates. She has made the Dean’s list each of the last two semesters and currently has three As and a B going into finals. Her classes are currently 100% virtual. She does not like it that way as she prefers to be in front of the teacher. She feels bad for the incoming freshmen that they will not be able to experience that. Last semester she went the hybrid method and had a couple of days per week in a classroom. She will be coming home for the summer and is thoroughly enjoying her Ohio State experience. She is ready for this pandemic to be over but is excited about the Ohio State football season this year.

Andrew Connors just finished his third year. He is majoring in computer information science. He has a 3.4 GPA. Upon graduation, he wants to get into government work or possibly work with one of the larger telecommunication companies. For Andrew, the past two semesters have been in the hybrid fashion. The pandemic has made it much more stressful for him and his friends, but he can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He emphasized that this decision to go to Ohio State was the best thing he has ever done. He does not know if he is coming home this summer because he is anticipating an internship either in Columbus or in Colorado. Andrew is a nice, pleasant young man and a deserving scholarship recipient.

We asked each scholarship recipient what they now thought of their decision to attend The Ohio State University. Each of them strongly agreed that it was the best decision and think the university, the campus and the people are great!